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Integración Moderna 
Year 7 homeroom teacher,

Indoamericana & ECOA
English teacher 

Yarra Library 
Spanish tutor (Volunteer) 

Melbourne Polytechnic 
English Tutor

La Ventana Spanish Language School
Founder / Teacher 

St Peter’s Primary School 
Learning support officer 

Laura Mendoza

I have been an educator for 20 years, having previously taught primary, high school and tertiary settings. I am always very excited to expand my knowledge and culture by teaching my native language, Spanish. I have a Bachelor degree in International Marketing, a certificate III in Education support worker and a  Postgraduate degree in Industrial Education and Training all of these leaving an extensive teaching experience at all levels.

Part of this exciting adventure as a teacher has been in many places bringing the happiest memories in my life and heaps of experience to offer to the biggest dream La Ventana Spanish Language School created in 2015 along with Carolina Hernandez.

Here some of the industries I have worked for…

Integración Moderna Bogotá Colombia Year 7 homeroom teacher, 2001-2006, planning and delivering a range of classroom programs with clear and achievable learning goals.

ECOA Escuela Colombiana de Operaciones Aéreas and Indoamericana Bogotá Colombia 2007 2010 English teacher implementing varied strategies and assessment in order to accommodate diverse needs of students who were transitioning from various feeder schools.

Yarra Library Melbourne Australia 2011 to 2013 Spanish teacher (Volunteer) providing informal sessions of conversational Spanish for  people who wanted to learn, travel or just improve their skills in Spanish as a second language.

Melbourne Polytechnic 2014 English Tutor, Adult English Migrant Program (AMEP), helping newly-arrived migrants and refugees settle successfully in Australia and take up employment, training or further education. 

La Ventana Spanish Language School since 2015 Teaching, directing and  promoting Spanish language and culture through natural and quality teaching to children, getting students speaking as quickly as possible, showing all the grammar and vocabulary, as well as practice, depending on each one’s interest

St Peters primary school currently year 3/4 Learning support officer assisting teacher Facilitating social interaction and promoting independence with the students.

As you can see with this brief profile, my whole world revolves around my passion for teaching, kids, languages, culture, art, crafts,sharing knowledge, helping others to grow, singing out loud, socializing, traveling and contributing in a positive way to the society.

Ana Carolina Hernandez

Hola! My name is Ana Carolina Hernandez. I was born in Argentina and I grew up in Cordoba.  I hold a Bachelor Degree in Social Communication from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. My academic background in journalism has contributed significantly to my knowledge of Spanish grammar and the development of different communication skill methods including the use of ICT to engage students to learn the Spanish language in an enjoyable and effective manner.

I came to Australia in 2006, when I started to work as a Spanish teacher by offering individual and group lessons to adults at different levels in several language centers. My passion to teach Spanish to children commenced in 2009, when I started to work as a Spanish teacher at Jose Gervasio Argas Community School until 2014. Through that period, I participated in several seminars about raising children bilingually where I gained knowledge and experience in LOTE Methodology. In order to extend my interest and passion in teaching Spanish to children, in 2015 La Ventana Spanish Language School was founded in partnership with my colleague Laura Mendoza.

In 2016, I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care to widen my knowledge and skills in children’s learning and development. Then I worked in several early childhood settings. Providing care and educational programmes for young children where I also included teaching Spanish language to embrace cultural diversity. In 2020, I decided to further my education by completing an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education at La Trobe University. Through my studies and work experience, I gained an insight of the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and the important role of literacy in the early years of education, including the maintenance of the home language as an essential component of a child’s identity and sense of belonging.

“I believe that every child is a unique, competent and capable learner regardless of their specific circumstances. As an educator and Spanish teacher, my role is to create learning opportunities to extend children’s own interests and strengths and help them to reach their full potential. I also acknowledge that children learn through play, so I strive to create a fun and interactive learning environment to stimulate children’s curiosity and motivation to learn Spanish language.”

In addition to my professional vocation, as a mother of two children born in Australia, I have a strong interest in creating diverse contexts for teaching and learning where all children feel comfortable and confident to learn Spanish language and culture.

In 2021,I continue my passion of sharing my native language and culture by encouraging children to immerse themselves in their learning journey. I look forward to continuing this endeavor to celebrate the Spanish and Latin American heritage, language and culture alongside the children, their families and the wider community.

Lyceum Language Centre
Spanish teacher
Jose Gervasio Artigas Community language School 
Spanish teacher 
La Ventana Spanish Language School 
Founder / teacher
Early Childhood Educator
Goodstart Early Learning
Story House Early Learning

Daniela Díaz Leaño 

Hola! My name is Daniela Díaz Leaño, child psychologist, with a master’s degree in Neuropsychology and education, author of bilingual children’s books. I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents. I worked as a preschool teacher, child psychologist in different problems and as a private tutor for children and adolescents with academic difficulties, supporting them in a playful and didactic way in the acquisition of skills to improve their academic skills.

Creative, passionate and histrionic which makes children enjoy and learn with me in a fun way.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Daniela Díaz Leaño, psicóloga infantil, con maestría en Neuropsicología y educación, autora de libros infantiles bilingües. Tengo amplia experiencia trabajando con niños y adolescentes. Me desempeñé como maestra de preescolar, psicóloga infantil en diferentes problemáticas y como tutora particular de niños y adolescentes con dificultades académicas, apoyándolos de manera lúdica y didáctica en la adquisición de habilidades para mejorar sus competencias académicas.

Creativa, apasionada e histriónica que hace que los niños disfruten y aprendan conmigo de forma divertida.

Laura Valentina Arango

Hello, my name is Laura Valentina, I have been part of the spanish school since I was 6 years old, It was created by my mom and her colleague to increase and keep the Spanish of those who wanted to keep their mother language and managing to communicate, understand, read and write in this beautiful language.

During these 8 years I have seen my mother teach and see how she makes the children happy during her classes and this has motivated me. I started as a student and now I have become her assistant, collaborating every Saturday and at the events to put a smile on each of the students. I still don’t know which path to take when I finish my studies, but maybe this is the right one, because I find it very nice and rewarding.

I look forward to seeing the school grow more and more and to be one of the lucky teachers at La Ventana Spanish Language School.

Hola mi nombre es Laura Valentina he crecido a la par con la escuela, la cual fue creada por mi mamá y su colega a mis 6 años de edad para incrementar y no dejar perder mi español y el de las personas que como yo lo necesitan, logrando comunicarnos, entender, leer y escribir en este lindo idioma.

Durante estos 8 años he visto a mi mamá enseñar y ver cómo hace feliz a los niños durante sus clases y esto me ha motivado. Empecé siendo una estudiante y ahora me he convertido en su asistente, colaborando todos los sábados y en los eventos a poner una sonrisa en cada uno de los estudiantes. Aún no tengo claro qué camino tomar al finalizar mis estudios pero tal vez, este sea el correcto, porque me parece muy bonito y gratificante.

Espero ver la escuela crecer más y más y ser una de las afortunadas profesoras en La Ventana Spanish Language School.

sebastián Calderón

Hola! Mi nombre es Sebastián Calderón. Soy ingeniero de sonido en Colombia. Desarrollo contenido audiovisual y web para La Ventana. He visitado la escuela personalmente y participado en actividades pedagógicas con los estudiantes y comprendo la importancia de la labor que se lleva a cabo. Hago todo lo que está en mis manos para ayudar a que La Ventana siga creciendo y aportando al aprendizaje y formación de los estudiantes de todas las edades. Entre los trabajos que más he disfrutado hacer para La Ventana están el diseño de su logo, el video institucional y el show de títeres que pueden ver en los posts de nuestra página web.

Hello! My name is Sebastian Calderon. I am a sound engineer in Colombia. Development of audiovisual and web content for La Ventana. I have personally visited the school and participated in educational activities with the students and I understand the importance of the work that is carried out. I do everything in my power to help La Ventana continue to grow and contribute to the learning and training of students of all ages. Among the works that I have most enjoyed doing for La Ventana are the design of its logo, the institutional video and the puppet show that you can see in the posts on our website.

Ian Alcover

Hi everyone! Mi name is Ian Alcover. I’m 17 years old, and am in year 12 of high school in Eltham High School. I was born and lived in Rosario, Argentina for the first 11 years of my life, and have been in Australia for almost 6 years. I’ve participated in the Spanish school La Ventana, and I consider it a great place for children to learn, through games and stories, the fascinating language that is Spanish. I have completed my VCE Spanish course, and being surrounded by friends and teachers that speak my own language has made me love this language even more.
I am a swimming teacher at Watermarc in Greensborough, and I love working with children. I’ve done volunteer work at The Vine Baptist Church in the Sunday school for children. I have 2 younger sisters and a younger brother. I also love music and play guitar in a music group at Bundoora Presbyterian Church. Im very excited about being able to teach La Ventana students songs from my childhood, and pass down the messages and stories that I grew up with through music.

I hope to be a good Spanish teacher, and that this beautiful language would be preserved through the new generation. You might see me covering Laura whenever she can’t come on a Saturday. Bye!

¡Hola todos! Mi nombre es Ian Alcover. Tengo 17 años y estoy en el decimosegundo grado del bachillerato en Eltham High School. Nací y viví en Rosario, Argentina por los primeros 11 años de mi vida, y he estado en Australia por casi 6 años. He participado en la escuela de español La Ventana, y considero que es un buen lugar para que los niños aprendan con juegos e historias un lenguaje fascinante como el español. He completado el curso de VCE de español, y el estar rodeado de amigos y profesores que hablen mí mismo idioma me ha hecho amar todavía más esta lengua. Soy un profe de natación en Watermarc en Greensborough, y amo trabajar con niños. He hecho trabajo de voluntario en The Vine Baptist Church en las clases dominicales para niños. Tengo 2 hermanas y un hermano menor. También me encanta la música y toco la guitarra en un grupo musical de Bundoora Presbyterian Church. Me entusiasma mucho la idea de poder enseñarles a los estudiantes de La Ventana las canciones de mi infancia, y transmitir los mensajes y cuentos con los que crecí a través de la música.

Espero poder ser un buen profesor de español, y que esta hermosa lengua sea preservada por la nueva generación. Pude ser que me vean remplazando a Laura algún sábado en el que ella esté ocupada. ¡Chau!

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