Navidad 2022

Feliz Navidad 2022! Así culminamos nuestro año lectivo y celebramos los buenos momentos y el aprendizaje obtenido durante este periodo, realizando una pequeña muestra de las diferentes formas en las que podemos enseñar el español a nuestros hijos, partiendo desde juegos, canciones, bailes, títeres, lecturas…

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Aprendizaje Lúdico

Aprendizaje Lúdico Aprendizaje Lúdico.  La forma más efectiva para que en clase se aprenda un idioma es “imitar” pues esta fue la manera en que nosotros adquirimos nuestro idioma materno.  Como Vigotsky nos decía “cuanto más atractiva sea una actividad, más significativo será el aprendizaje…

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2020 for Multilingualism

Over the last decade, there have been several studies confirming the amazing benefits of being bilingual- understanding and speaking two languages. Providing your child with a bilingual and bi-cultural education can empower your child to lead their own learning jorney and to think critically about…

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Why Spanish?

Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers worldwide and is one of the most widely understood languages in the world. Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people in over 20 different countries across four continents. Spanish is the official language of most…

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What parents say

LVSLS has been one of the best extracurricular programs I have discovered. Laura, is phenomenal; her patience and enthusiasm is second to none. If only all educators were this passionate and engaging! Our daughter, Florence, has been attending for 6 months now and she has evolved from been shy and nervous child to a confident and happy child. After having some poor experiences across childcare and other programs this sessional program has seen her learn new skills and develop her second language around other children her age – whilst it has been great to spend time with other Hispanic/Latin American parents living in the region.

― Maria Jardon, Mother of Florence

My little girl is learning through singing, dancing and making crafts all in Spanish!

― Regina Santivanez, Mother of Olivia

Laura is an amazing teacher. My little one absolutely loves Laura and her Spanish curriculum. Our experience is exceptional!

― Yikang Wang, Father of Sammy

Laura is a fantastic teacher; she uses different learning strategies to motivate and develop new knowledge and communication skills for the kids. I highly recommend her.

― Laura Gisela Arias Jimenez

The best Spanish school for kids In Melbourne.
The Teachers are very knowledgeable and made my daughters feel very welcoming.

― Fernando Siqueira, Father of Rebeca and Luana

One of the best and most committed teachers I know… Thank you Laura

― Ana Romero, Mother of Maddy

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